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"The best way to get started is to stop talking and start doing" - Walt Disney.

Ever since its formation in 2014 Fuzion Ventures has been providing complete back office support to conveyancing firms across England and Wales. Technology ensures speed and confidentiality whereas the sophisticated training and compliance guarantees quality.

Trust, punctuality and quality have been the hallmarks of Fuzion so far and we intend to keep it the same way forever.Fuzion has been tailored to deliver budget oriented outsourcing solutions with onsite like quality. We have made sure that our work time matches to that of our clients so that every client gets live assistance as and when required.

At Fuzion we believe that satisfying our customers is not enough, we do our best to delight them. Our team is young, trainable and ever ready to take on new challenges. We are the virtual arm of our clients which helps them take on more cases and significantly reduce their operational costs. Do not just take our word for it, click here and read what our clients have to say about us.

Fuzion Ventures is based in Indore, one of the fastest growing smart cities in India. The city is also home to the best schools and colleges in the country. This ensures steady inflow of smart and efficient interns and tech-savvy workforce.

For a confidential discussion without any obligation on outsourcing conveyancing, please email us at with your preferred contact details and time, we will get back to you based on your preference.


Paralegal and Convencing
  • File opening/case creation
  • Processing memorandum of sale
  • Processing welcome packs returned by end clients
  • Carry out anti-money laundering checks
  • Ordering searches
  • Ordering documents from land registry
  • Ordering and chasing redemption statements
  • Chasing third parties via call/email/fax
  • Summarize mortgage offer
  • Process valuation reports
  • Analyze search results
  • Carry out title analysis
  • Send out enquires based on draft paper (contract, lease, protocol documents, MA packs etc.)
  • Deal with replies to enquiries
  • Draft necessary deed of covenant, deed of rectification, deed of variation etc.)
  • Compile conveyancing pack
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Execute payment and receipts through online banking
  • Recording and storing supplier invoices
  • Completion packs
  • Issuing cheques
  • Filing VAT and yearly corporate tax
  • Assists external auditors
Post completion
  • File SDLT online
  • Draft application to register (AP1)
  • Draft notices if any
  • File online submissions
  • Dealing with requisitions and corrections
  • Filing all registration related documents online
  • Create marketing emailers
  • Make sales call to potential leads
  • Carry out online marketing campaigns
  • Managing social media handles to improve marketability
  • Managing content resources

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Team Lead


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Legal Analyst


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Legal Analyst


Ajith MA



We are people who crave to learn from each other, learn from our experiences and learn from our mistakes. We shout out to all the passionate and enthusiastic people to join us at all levels. We don't hire people only for their degrees and qualification. We hire people who believe in working hands-on and are grounded, people who have a desire to win, people who can accept defeat and learn from it. We hire people who will keep on trying till they succeed.

We offer generous terms with some flexibility to ensure a proper professional/personal balance. Please email us with your CV

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